• Everything You Need to Know About Getting Your First Cat

    Are you thinking of getting your first cat?

    If you are considering a cat, it is important to understand the different types of cats and what they mean for your life. Check these frequently asked questions about getting your first cat.

  • What Smells Deter Cats from Peeing

    If you're a pet parent of cats, then you know the struggle of trying to keep your house smelling fresh and clean. You've tried everything- scented candles, air fresheners, Febreze - but nothing seems to work! The culprit? Cats are urinating in your home. 
  • Why do dogs sneeze so much? Everything You Need To Know

    Dogs sneeze for a lot of reasons. They might have a cold, they might have allergies, or they might just be trying to get your attention. And why do dogs sneeze so much? Here's everything you need to know about dog sneezing.
  • What do cats like to eat for breakfast?

    Some people are very particular about what they eat for breakfast. Some will only eat cereal, some will only have eggs, and others will grab a coffee on the way to work. But do you know what your cat likes to eat for breakfast?
  • Top 13 Reasons Why Dogs Scratch The Carpet

    Dogs scratching the carpet can be a frustrating problem for many dog owners. There are many possible reasons why dogs scratch the carpet, but finding and resolving the root of the issue is key to stopping this destructive behavior.

    In this post, we'll take a look at some of the most common reasons why dogs scratch the carpet and offer some tips on how to address each one.

  • How Far Can A Cat Smell Food

    If you've ever wondered how far can a cat smell food, then this blog post is for you. Cats' sense of smell allows them to detect their prey up to 3 miles away!

    The average human nose can only detect smells about 10-15 feet away, so how do cats manage to extend the range of their senses?

  • What does white dog poop mean?

    Most dog owners know what "normal" dog poop looks like. It's usually a brown color and about the size of your palm, but what does white dog poop mean? The color of your pup's stool can tell you what is going on with their health.
  • Stomach Pain and Swelling In Dogs: Causes, Signs & Treatment

    A lot of dog owners have been confronted with pain and swelling in their dogs' stomachs.

    This article will cover the causes, treatment options, as well as the symptoms of stomachs that are swelling in dogs. If you're a dog owner who has faced this issue previously or is facing it, then this article is perfect for you!

  • Do Cats Cry Tears? Everything You Need To Know 

    Do cats cry tears? It’s a question that many cat owners have asked themselves. The answer is yes, but it’s not as simple as you might think. Cats can produce tears for many reasons, and we will explore those below. 
  • 20 tips til nye katteejere

    Er du en første gang katteejer? Tillykke! Katte er fantastiske, og de kan holde os selskab, mens vi arbejder eller slapper af. Der er dog nogle ting, du bør vide, før du bringer dem hjem.

    Du skal sørge for, at de har masser af kattefoder og vand, forsyninger til skraldespand, når naturen kalder, legetøj at lege med (som skrabepæl) og et sikkert sted for dem at sove om natten.
  • Tør kontra konserves til hunde | Hvad er det bedre valg?

    Det kan være en vanskelig opgave at vælge den rigtige madfoder til din hund. Når du træffer denne beslutning, er der så mange faktorer at overveje, herunder omkostninger og hvor meget tid du skal bruge på at forberede måltider hver dag.
  • Sådan bliver du en ansvarlig kæledyrsejer

    Vil du ikke have, at din kat eller hund kommer i problemer? Eller vil du forhindre dem i at gøre noget, der kan være skadeligt for dem? Eller måske er du bekymret for, at de kan komme ind på ting, der kan være skadelige for dem. Det er vigtigt at sørge for, at dit kæledyr er sundt og lykkeligt, men det er også dit ansvar. Hvis du bliver en ansvarlig kæledyrsejer, kan du sikre, at de er sikre.